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Innovative Solar Energy Design

GDT Electrical offers a complete solar-powered back up system.
Avoid power cuts and outages.
We can supply a small unit to start off with which is completely expandable.

No more power cuts

Power cuts become a thing of the past and you are not affected by power outages or power cuts.

Expandable System

Your initial outlay is relatively small and you start with an expandable, modular power system that you can add to when needed.

Self Contained

You can start with a small fully contained system that is charged by your mains. When the power fails your system takes over.

Inverter System with

• The system is charged by normal power supply from the supply authority 
• No loss of power when mains supply is lost 
• Battery backup for up to 8 hours 
• Completely electronic and stand alone. Can be run and recharged by a generator 
• Can be expanded by adding the following:   

Inverter System 

• Expand your backup system to suite your individual requirements
• This is done by simply adding the following according to your needs and or budget.

Choose a reliable backup power supply system that suits your needs and budget

• Same system as the above system but with additional batteries to extend the available backup      power above 8 hours
• Additional inverters and batteries added to increase available power and hours
• Add Solar Panels to be completely independent of the supply authority utilizing the Free energy  from the sun.
• Don’t pay for Electricity by using Solar panels  

Expandable Backup Inverter System

Inverter System with battery backup

Larger Expandable System


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